Merino Superior Sires is a report which allows Merino Sires evaluated at Medium Wool and Fine Wool Central Test Sire Evaluation (CTSE) Sites around Australia to be accurately and directly compared.

CTSE compares the breeding performance of a Sire by evaluating his progeny. Progeny performance is expressed relative to the progeny of other elite CTSE Sires.

CTSE performance can be used as:

  • A Benchmark by which the breeder or user of a Sire can measure the Sire’s industry status.
  • An assessment of the breeding value of semen being considered for purchase to use in a stud and/or flock improvement program

The performance of Central Test Sires is presented in two groups:

Fine Wool     Medium Wool    
  New England NSW   Riverina NSW
  Hamilton VIC   Macquarie NSW
  W. Victoria VIC   Monaro NSW
  South Roxby VIC   Yardstick WA
  N.E. Victoria VIC   Struan-Turretfield SA
  Tasmania TAS   Queensland QLD

In this elite group of Australia’s best Finewool rams, the Mirani rams consistently produced progeny with finer and heavier fleeces than the average, making them more profitable sheep.

Full Details of Merino Superior Sires may be obtained from: