Ram Sales

Ram lambs are classed visually at weaning with obvious physical culls removed.  The remaining rams are then tipped and then fully fleece tested at 12 months of age. The best 20 of these on index and visual assessment are reserved for Mirani, with the balanced heavily classed and only the best offered for sale.

 The top rams are progeny tested, and fully fleece tested again at 24 months. The top performing ram in our on property progeny test is entered in the New England CTSE each year to provide linkages to other years and other sites.

Mirani Sale Rams
2014 Unhoused Ram Sale is on Monday 3rd February 

Sale Rams are available from early February each year, aged 16-18 months. 

The top rams are offered at the Armidale Unhoused Sale  with the rest available for inspection on property from early February. 

All rams are presented in working condition, and have not been fed or housed from birth, apart from declared drought conditions.

 All sale rams are presented with full performance data, including their actual test results, Australian Sheep Breeding Values (ASBV) and a range of industry indexes. The indexes and ASBVs are benchmarked through Sheep genetics Australia (SGA) to allow comparison with other years and other studs.. Please click on the links below for:

2014 Armidale Unhoused Team

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2014 Sale Rams (available on property)

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